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28 June 2016

I contribute to Chargemap to support the electric car community by sharing information about charging points.
Chargemap is a mixed user based and provider based information system.
Chargemap makes it easy for EV-drivers to add information and correct errors (human and software) in the map.
Furthermore, the user participation has been built-in right from the start. It encourages and rewards EV-drivers to contribute.
Apps and maps from chargepoint providers such as NewMotion, MRA-Elektrisch, etc. are primarily created for providers and managers, and the information is rather abstract. Chargemap is designed from the EV-driver perspective. It is responsive to the the needs of EV-drivers.
Although Chargemap is not always up-to-date and contains errors, not all information is under user control (such as 'out-of-service' status), and has recently become a company itself, user participation in Chargemap is by far the best among all apps.
That makes Chargemap an information system that has the highest practical value for the EV-driver.

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