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Lidl - Willaertplein - Eindhoven


Chargemap Pass compatible area

11 Willaertplein
5654 LN Eindhoven

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Zakryté miesto
Napájané obnoviteľnou energiou
2 laadstations van samen 22 kW.

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Úroveň 1

štvrtok 4. november 2021 14:10

Half uurtje staan laden...slechts 3 km bijgeladen


Úroveň 1

nedeľa 9. máj 2021 05:38

was not able to charge...

Nie je možné aktivovať dobíjanie


Úroveň 1

nedeľa 2. máj 2021 13:46

was not able to charge...

Nie je možné aktivovať dobíjanie

Supposed to be a 22kW charger but only charged at 3.1kW. I called EVBOX and they told me the charger is in an error state (even though the LED ring is green). EVBOX will send a message to Lidl requesting them to service it. Please contact Lidl and/or EVBOX if this error isn't fixed in a week or two.

Joëlle - Chargemap


štvrtok 15. apríl 2021 07:17

The station is not yet compatible with Chargemap Pass. To select them, I invite you to activate the "Compatible Chargemap Pass" filter of the mobile application or the website.


Úroveň 1

streda 14. apríl 2021 18:09

Doesnt work with my chargepass. spent 1 hr on the phone with chargemap support. they are clueless. absolute waste of time and energy. What a first experience chargemap...


Úroveň 1

streda 31. marec 2021 11:15

charged successfully...


Úroveň 1

streda 31. marec 2021 09:23

Was only able to charge at 3.1kW with another Plug-in Hybrid connected prior to the start of my charge. Don't rely on this charger if you need a quick top-up.


Úroveň 9

štvrtok 10. september 2020 15:55

Kan iemand bevestigen dat deze laadpaal echt 1x22kW (of 2x11kW) is? Ik heb hier in oktober 2019 gestaan, en toen haalde ik maar 3,7kW. :-(

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