Ratelaar 44 Nieuwegein


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35-42 Ratelaar
3434 EW Nieuwegein

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Now I take Chargemap on all my trips! - Joëlle



Úroveň 4

sobota 7. september 2019 11:23

charged successfully...

Joëlle - Chargemap


piatok 17. august 2018 08:00

Somebody knows who is the operator or which mobile app and RFID Card is needed ? Is it free of charge ?


Úroveň 1

štvrtok 16. august 2018 21:08

zie ik het goed dat het hier gratis laden is?

Joëlle - Chargemap


utorok 10. apríl 2018 12:18

@Wahidpainda: Which EV have you got ?

[email protected]

Úroveň 1

utorok 10. apríl 2018 11:42

It is not 22 kw but it is 11 kw. It is avery slow charger. It takes at least 14 hours for 100%

Djémila - Chargemap


pondelok 26. september 2016 15:29

@Renzo : And we thank you for it ! Everything should be correct now ! ;)


Úroveň 7

pondelok 26. september 2016 14:26

GPS coördination 52.006159,5.085995
Vlak bij Ratelaar 35-42, 3434 Nieuwegein

This is the best description that I can give.

Laetitia - Chargemap


nedeľa 19. jún 2016 09:45

I changed the address ;) Thanks a lot for these details!


Úroveň 7

sobota 18. jún 2016 19:15

I was there this afternoon and the adres for the charge unit is not in the street hoog zandveld 28 but ratelaar 44 nieuwegein


Úroveň 7

sobota 18. jún 2016 17:29

I drove specialy to the parkingplace to see and its there at street ratelaar 44 nieuwegein not at hoog zandveld 28.

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